The results of our clients contracted consultancies are used in:

  • The biggest copper mine in the world – El Teniente, with 3,000 km of underground tunnels.
  • Oil drilling 6,000 meters deep.
  • Mines at 4,000 meters high in Peru.
  • A patent (pending) for the next generation of robotic construction that allow to use any common material and promises to be the first able to build a skycraper.
  • A patent (pending) for big scale 3D printing that permits to emulate works of the great sculptors of the past.
  • A patent (pending) using the dependence of Medicine with the culture to get the best available result in the entire world to heal a disease.

Why do companies hires us?

  • To develop products which require specific problem solving
  • To answer their questions in the areas of physics, chemistry and engineering
  • To ask questions that will lead company to the new and profitable ways of development


How does it work?

It works. For more than 15 years, we have been making exclusive alliances and providing strategic development for our clients.

We apply Technologies of Cognition – our own way to make Science, which differ a lot from traditional investigations and developments.

It allows:

  • To get fast results.
  • To know since the beginning what we are going to obtain.
  • To understand how much time it will take.

At client’s request , during the development we create new ways of measuring the results in the short term and at a lower cost (For example, results for concrete admixture in 1 day instead of classical 28).

Why does it work?

  • Because we have a disruptive methodology for Science and Technology, result of 20 years of development and integration of the most advanced knowledge for creating and thinking from the East and the West.
  • And because we have access to a network of scientists and engineers in different countries who collaborate with us according to the needs of each project.

Will Cognoscible Technologies be a good fit for my company?

Yes, if your enterprise faces any of the following challenges in the actual time. And/or if you would like to have any of the cases after Outsourcing.


How to start?

Contact us writing about you.

Results guaranteed.